Christmas in Bali, Finding the Best of Both Words

travel-communications-global-news-img-27Bali (Indonesia) – November 26, 2015 – (travelindex) – It’s that time of year again. Drinks flow freely, waistlines expand rapidly, and things get a bit nuts and fire-crackers. Everyone is asking, “What are you doing for Christmas?” and you’re feeling a little bit smug at the moment, because this time, your reply is: “I’ll be in Bali”.

But now that you have your location determined, you are wondering what to expect and what to do. Firstly, it is important to remember that you are on a tropical island, which means being prepared for tropical weather – and at this time of year the weather can be wet. Very wet. Have a look at our article on weather in Bali to see what we mean.

You may get some very heavy showers, which, like the winter snow, tends to bring people together indoors. Only tropical rain is a whole lot warmer! That is the beauty of Bali at this time of year. You are blessed to have many outdoor and indoor activities open to you for a range of interests and pursuits.

Have you ever been swimming while it is pouring with huge droplets of warm rain as the thunder storms over head? If not, I suggest you give it a go. Pool or ocean, it is a truly invigorating experience. (Just don’t wear anything big and metal!) Nevertheless, unless you are planning on swimming in the rain, an umbrella can be a welcome sight if the skys open up and you are walking around on foot. Bring your favourite one with you or buy one there.

So now you are in Bali (or arriving soon), you know all the tips, it is the festive season and along with that your social calendar starts to get busy. Families re-unite, friends call up out of the blue and ask you out for drinks. You find yourself thinking about others you love and creating some special moments– what might make a nice gift for mum? What could be a romantic Christmas lunch for my girlfriend? What will we do with the kids on Boxing Day? Where can I buy traditional Christmas-style food to host my own little party? Decisions, decisions…

While this article is in no way a definitive guide – read on to find a few new ideas – some even a little bit quirky, including some interesting thoughts from our other InBali contributors on what the heck to do in Bali over Christmas.

About Tandjung Sari
Tandjung Sari was opened in 1962 and began as an extension of the family home of Indonesian proprietor Wija Wawo-Runtu. The hotel was named Tandjung Sari (Cape of flowers) and initially developed as Bali’s very first boutique property to be managed as a small family business. The scale of the entire complex was purposely kept low rise and the articulation of space together with the rambling indirectness of the path ways has generated a relaxed, leisurely pace. Operational for nearly half of a century, Tandjung Sari showcases an eclectic collection of rare Balinese and Dutch colonial artifacts as a tribute to the glorious past.

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