Biarritz is France’s Most Expensive Destination

Biarritz (France) – September 26, 2012 – Biarritz, a luxury seaside town along the Atlantic Coast, is the most expensive destination in France based on the cost of its lodging. That’s according to a new survey from French travel portal . The survey compared hotel rates for 30 destinations in France for the summer period spanning June through August 2012.

In Biarritz, travelers had to pay an average of 136 euros during the summer of 2012 to stay overnight in the lowest-priced, three-star hotel available. Two destinations in the French Riviera trailed behind Biarritz. Taking the number two and number three spots on the survey were Antibes at an average of 124 euros nightly and Monaco at 114 euros per night on average.

Paris ranks as only the 9th most expensive French destination according to the survey. In the City of Light, a summer night in a hotel room averaged 87 euros. According to Nawel Younsi from, however, that finding may be a bit deceiving. “Hotel rates in Paris tend to be more affordable during the summer, with business travel being very low. Had the survey considered the entire year and not just the summer months, Paris would have taken the number one spot.”

The following table shows the 10 most expensive destinations in France based on their lodging costs. The prices shown reflect each destination’s average rate for the cheapest available double room (minimum 3-star hotel) during the time period spanning June through August 2012.

1. Biarritz – 136 euros
2. Antibes – 124 euros
3. Monaco – 114 euros
4. Aix en Provence – 105 euros
5. Nice – 102 euros
6. Saint-Malo – 95 euros
7. Avignon – 94 euros
8. La Rochelle – 90 euros
9. Paris – 87 euros
10. Carcassonne – 86 euros