Give Something Back Through Travel Videos

Ghent, (Belgium) – 21 January 2012 – Online video production company, Timbooktwo, is pioneering a unique one-for-one business model: for every video they make for a tourism company, they produce a completely free video for a charity.

Timbooktwo is the world’s first business-to-business (B2B) company established on this buy one, give one basis. Until now, video has not always been affordable or accessible to non-profit organizations around the world, but Timbooktwo is attempting to change that with its conscientious business model.

Timbooktwo founders, Hannelore Dewaele and Joris Bryon, explain how their trendsetting formula works: “As avid travelers, we’ve witnessed a lot of misery in the world. We chose to establish our company on the one-for-one model so that we could give something back. For every paid travel video we produce, we commit to making a free video report for a charity. Even though we do this in our spare time and at our own cost, at the end of the video, we mention the support of the client who helped to make it possible. This ensures that both the charity and the company benefit from our videos.”

Online video has become a valuable marketing tool. For tourism companies, video descriptions of locations and services are more attractive to potential guests than static text and pictures. For non-profit organizations, videos can illustrate programs and campaigns to potential donors and supporters.

Timbooktwo was inspired to adopt their buy one, give one model by several business-to-consumer (B2C) companies worldwide that work this way, like Toms shoes for instance. Timbooktwo is the first B2B company to implement this formula. Hannelore and Joris added, “We hope our example will inspire other companies to start working like this, too.”

Media Contact:
Joris Bryon