We Care, Secret Retreats and 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

travel-content-marketing-travelindex-400Koh Andet Island, Koh Kong Province (Cambodia) – September 26, 2015 (travelindex.com) – Secret Retreats members are active in their community and engage in philanthropic endeavours that support sustainability, local culture/customs, and nature preservation. Discover Secrets on these memorable journeys to help preserve the planet and its people.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge
Built with only eco-friendly materials, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge’s pristine surroundings amidst the Tatai River and the Cardamom Mountains aptly reflect the company’s commitment to preserving the environment and supporting local sustainable tourism efforts. The eco lodge has worked with a number of local establishments and villagers in order to promote the protection of the region’s unique ecological systems. Over the past few years, both members of the company and local villagers have noted the return of several wild species of birds and animals to their natural habitats among the local rain forest and waterfalls, including the endangered gibbon, signalling the positive impacts of the resort’s conservation efforts.

Active members in their community, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge meet with the local Tatai Tourism Community on a monthly basis. One of their initiatives have been a regular clean up of Tatai Waterfalls as well as assisting with ongoing conservation efforts of nearby river areas and Koh Sralao Village, a local fishing village. The eco lodge also continues to place an emphasis on supporting local education and in 2012, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge constructed an important rainwater catchment system for the nearby Tatai school.

Your Hosts
Valentin and Anna Pawlik “If eco-tourism conjures up visions of uncomfortable beds, leaky tents and songs round a campfire, 4 Rivers is not for you. Our vision for the perfect vacation in unspoilt surroundings is to offer top-of-the-line luxury in harmony with Mother Nature, to give her a chance to impress you with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colours and images.

Relax and let your senses take over with the rustling sound of a small creature in the tangled undergrowth on the shoreline, a flash of colour as a bird rises out of the jungle and the cymbals, bells and musical notes of a traditional roneat ek (xylophone) blowing in the wind. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is at one with the natural order and engages the local community in promoting and fostering the soft tread of an environmentally aware footprint.” Anna and Valentin

Additional information:
Address: Koh Andet Island, Tatai Village, Koh Kong Province, Cambodia
Nearest Airport: Trat Airport, Thailand (TDX) – 120km
Nearest Airport: Phnom Penh Airport (PNH) – 260km
Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard
Total number of rooms: 12
Annual Closing: Open all year

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