Loama Resort Launches Over-Water Art Gallery

travelindex-hotels-travel-directory-818Maamigili (Maldives) – January 19, 2015 – Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili has launched what is being hailed as the world’s first gallery dedicated exclusively to contemporary Maldivian art with a recent exhibition of works by the cream of the island nation’s artists in its capital, Malé.

The show, entitled ‘On the Path of a Dream’, took place recently at the National Art Gallery, to celebrate the launch of Loama Resort and its ambitious over-water Loama Art Gallery.

The event celebrated the awarding of the first ever Gallery License bestowed by the National Art Gallery upon a gallery outside of Malé underlining the seriousness with which Loama Resort takes its commitment to preserving the art, culture and cherished heritage of the Maldivian people.

Maldives Minister of Youth, Mr. Maleeh Jamal signed the Agreement on behalf of the National Art Gallery and General Manager of Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili, Mr. Andres Rubio signed on behalf of the resort.

Minister Maleeh said he was delighted to announce Loama Art Gallery’s affiliate status to the National Art Gallery and he welcomed the new market for Maldivian art the resort’s gallery would create.

Loama Resort General Manager Andres Rubio said efforts to showcase and foster Maldivian culture were in step with the vision of Loama Resorts and its appreciation of the cultural heritage of the Maldives, and desire to contribute to its preservation for future generations.

He said all of the artists represented in ‘On the Path of a Dream’ – N.T. Hasen Didi, Sarudhaaru Dhon Manik, Aminath Hilmy, Ahmed Naseer, Sabeena Manik, Hassan Shameem, Ali Manik, Hussain Ali Manik, Ahmed Anil and Eagan Badeeu – would get their chance to be shown at Loama Art Gallery in 2015 in exhibitions curated by the resort’s Heritage and Culture Manager, Umair Badeeu.

Mr Rubio said the appointment of Mr. Badheeu, a native of Malé with a background in art, photojournalism and curating exhibitions, including valuable time spent curating well-received exhibitions in the US capital, Washington DC, would be central to achieving the goal of showcasing and promoting contemporary Maldivian art to the world.

“Umair has been tasked with setting up, running and curating exhibitions for not only Loama Art Gallery, but also for Loama Museum, which is quickly growing in terms of its collection and which both Maldivians and our resort guests will get to enjoy and benefit from for years to come,” Mr Rubio said.

Umair Badheeu said one of his main passions in life was supporting the artists’ community in the Maldives. “Until now, there was no dedicated gallery for contemporary Maldivian art,” he said. “So it has given me the perfect opportunity to become the facilitator and mediator who understands Maldivian artists and can connect them with an audience and possible buyers, as well as giving them a forum and a space where their work can be shown and reach a wider audience.”

Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili officially opened in January 2015.

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Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili is a 105-room luxurious island getaway set amidst a stunning natural tapestry of sun-kissed lagoons, palm-fringed beaches and picture-perfect panoramas, spread over 100 hectares of pristine coral reef within the Raa Atoll. The Resort embodies the spirit of the Maldives with its quiet rustic charm, idyllic beauty and exuberant culture, anchored firmly in the rich heritage of the island archipelago.

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