La Réserve Ramatuelle Re-opened

la-reserve-luxury-hotel-michel-reybier-geneveRamatuelle (France) – April 15, 2015 – Just after the obtention of its first Michelin Star awarded to the restaurant La Voile, La Réserve Ramatuelle Hotel, Spa and Villas starts the 2015 season. Just a few minutes from the legendary village lies a place away from the buzz, far from the crowds and noise. La Réserve Ramatuelle overlooks one of the most beautiful bays on the Côte d’Azur, with a spectacular view over the endless sea, a vast private estate nestled in the Provence garrigue (Mediterranean scrubland), lulled by the sound of cicadas.

A little piece of paradise which opened in 2009 and which keep regular guests season after season, guests who are looking for a break outside the reality.

Eric Canino, who formerly worked as a chef for Michel Guérard, prior to becoming Executive Chef at La Réserve Ramatuelle, is a master in working with the authentic flavors of the South, a land endowed with an inherently generous nature. A virtuoso of nutritional equilibrium, he continually reinvents a classic Provençal repertoire by drawing on irreproachably fresh products selected in accordance with the highest standards. His true strength, however, is an inventive menu that successfully combines indulgence and balance. Eric Canino’s divinely light recipes have all the elegance required to tickle the taste buds while eliminating any tinge of guilt. At both lunch and dinner time, Eric creates an array of succulent dishes interpreting the colors of Provence in a delightfully Epicurean Mediterranean cuisine – resulting in the kind of culinary delights one might naturally wish to enjoy on a daily basis, open to everybody.

The Spa at La Réserve Ramatuelle has everything it takes to disconnect from the fast pace of modern life. In this world apart, the whiteness and transparency foreshadow the serenity and refocusing which awaits those who feel the need for a change in tempo. 800m2 dedicated to relaxation.

Several packages are possible: Spa Menu with Nescens or Crème de La Mer treatments, Nescens better-aging programmes on few days which combine sport, nutrition and wellness, or Boot Camp, more sportive with outdoor activities. New this year : A Nescens treatment for men.

The property also offers a more intimate experience which a highly personalized service thanks to a dedicated staff : the Villas. With family or friends, guests feel like at home in a very exclusive way, with an access to the hotel facilities whenever they want

La Réserve Ramatuelle Hotel, Spa and Villas
Chemin de la Quessine
Ramatuelle, France
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