A Tool that Connects Hoteliers.

photoYour hotel is the key to free stays in different hotels all over the world, that is the main concept that the creators of MyHotelYourHotel gave to a website that in less than one year from being launched managed to catch the attention of important lodgings all over the world. Mariana Merino, one of the founders, answered some questions for us.

What is MyHotelYourHotel.com?
MyHotelYourHotel is a vacation tool based on the trade of stays among hotels.

Why do you define it as a tool?
Since our network is exclusively for hoteliers, our system is flexible both for personal or corporative use; however the member decides to use it. Although the account holder must be the owner of the hotel or an authorized manager, the benefits can be used by anybody. For this reason, the options are endless and we believe that they can be highly beneficial, especially for small hotels: The stays can be used as an instrument to recruit, retain or as an incentive for employees. Plus, through the direct contact with the owners and managers of the hotels, commercial plans that exceed the trade of stays can be generated; like reciprocal commercial plans, among others. In addition, this is yet another tool to become known at a very low cost.

Why do you think that the trade concept works?
Our job is to go out there and find hotels all over the word interested in taking part in the stays trade. This is a hard job since not all of the hoteliers are open to this kind of practices, however those who have enrolled in our network are. They expect and look for an exchange offer and that is where the magic happens: The embarrassment of generating the contact disappears and everything flows naturally, freely and without any issues.

What are the goals of the company for this year?
Today, our goal is to recruit the largest amount of hotels possible to be able to offer our members a larger variety and amount of alternatives all over the world. We wish to learn from our members’ experiences and to continue to have a flexible system.

What is the subscription fee?
As this is our opening year, the membership can be obtained for free for a one year period to encourage the subscription of hotels and so that the members can give a try to the system.

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