In the Current Crisis, lebua Hotels & Resorts Stays True to Its Core Values

In the Current Crisis, lebua Hotels & Resorts Stays True to Its Core Values - TRAVELINDEXBangkok, Thailand, June 16, 2020 / / Lebua Hotels & Resorts is a Bangkok-based luxury hotels and resorts company with locations in Thailand, India, and New Zealand. Lebua is the only international brand with a significant presence in India which has not laid off or furloughed any employee, not a single one. In Thailand, the company and brand lebua has retained its entire workforce and human capital during the current covid-19 crisis.

The hospitality space is extremely competitive, so recruiting and more importantly keeping, the right staff for a hotel, in good and bad times, those who’ve proven to possess the potential in specific job roles, is a timeless and distinct advantage.

Lebua entered a strategic partnership with its India properties owner’s because they share the long-term vision of retaining all its employees. Indeed, it is extremely significant that it’s not only the values that lebua stands for but also the like mindedness that it seeks in property owners prior to collaboration; a high EQ along with a deep understanding of human capital.

Every hospitality CEO in the world should consider and ask the simple question; how do you evaluate the risk of letting people go, your most important asset, when a crisis emerge? The only foundation that made lebua so successful is the fact that, as a service business, all is based base on core values and probability. Not on anything else but on probability; how can you let the only foundation of your business slip through your hand. This is the most challenging question to every CEO in hospitality, anywhere in the world.

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