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hotels-travel-index-593Nairobi (Kenya) – August 15, 2014 – Most communities in Kenya are dependent on land, but are of recent facing challenges from the effects of climate change due to uncertainties in today’s weather patterns. Famers do not know when and where to plant, where take their cattle to good grazing, or even when they will be affected by drought or floods.

This lack of proper and accurate information leads to;

  • Poor planning of farmers hence can lead to loss of crops due to lack of rainfall or floods.
  • Lack of pastures for cattle and little or no information for alternative sites
  • Loss of lives of the people and animals in the area caused by floods or drought.
  • Loss of property due to drought or floods.
  • Closing of learning institutions and health facilities due to fear of peoples’ lives.
  • Closing down of businesses hence reducing the economic development of the community.

With this taken into consideration the Government of Kenya in conjunction with the Vision 2030 Board formed a framework under the National Climate Change Response Strategy (NCCRS) that focuses on Integrating Climate Change Adaptations and ensuring a climate resilient Kenya that will stay on track towards attainment of its visions.

Kenya’s National Climate Change Response Strategy main objective is to:

  • Mainstream and systematically integrate climate change adaptation measures into national development projects, hence aid in the promotion of sustainable and regional development in Kenya.

With that in mind it will therefore focus on:

  1. Fostering of a common acceptance and understanding of Climate Change and its adaptation measures among key decision makers: building the youth capacity to identify specific interventions for climate change mitigation and adaptation in the implementing of the Kenya’s future.
  2. Providing a platform for knowledge sharing on local and practical climate change adaptation initiatives within Kenya’s vision framework.
    Providing mentoring support to stakeholders who are integrating climate change into Kenya’s National Development projects.
  3. To shed some light on other international bodies, Dame Vivienne Westwood who is a world famed philanthropist in partnership with the Environmental Justice Foundation whose aim is producing free, objective information on Climate Change in a way everyone at whatever level can easily understand.

She who crafts intellectuality and breathes revolts into couture is a climate heroine.

The Slogan for Dame Westwood’s project in Kenya is “Not Charity, Just work” is based upon the belief that poverty cannot be eradicated by simply dishing out cash handouts , rather it is established by empowerment of the generation. Dame Westwood’s range, which is a market based initiative, provides jobs for more than 7,000 people in Kenya.

“I am traumatized by the problem of Climate Change; it’s really changed my life. My outlook of the world is completely different; in fact, I think everybody’s outlook of the world is completely different once this idea ever gets in their head. The human race never looked-out on such a future. We always kept on going thinking that the world was our Oyster; we could do what we wanted with it, now we realize we can’t. “She said during her interview while in Kenya.

Charity makes people dependent.
Passion is a vehicle for capacity building.

I greatly thank the Government of Kenya and people like Dame Westwood for creating awareness around climate change and addressing the issue on-ground by taking action, and helping those affected by it. Involving the youth and educating the next generation is a great milestone in Kenya. I believe the future of Kenya is in good hands.

“Responsibility is a journey – a process of incremental progress and continual improvement. ‘What is’ has never been quite as interesting to us as ‘What if’.”
Dr Paul E.Jacobs, Chairman and CEO

Last but not least, I conclude this article with one of my favorite quotes from Desmond Tutu on Climate Change:

“Twenty-five years ago people could be excused for not knowing much, or doing much, about climate change. Today we have no excuse.”

“Think a decade ahead rather than a day in advance”

Written by Temba Kutondo

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