Travelling with baggage: The dos and don’ts for keeping it safe

No-one wants their belongings stolen. But when you’re going away, you need to take a certain amount of stuff with you. It’s up to you to keep it safe. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to minimise the risks of losing or getting your baggage stolen. Check out our dos and don’ts to keep yours safe:

Do – invest in a decent bag

Many people get the very first step wrong and buy a bag that will probably encourage casual theft – such as a backpack with a drawstring closure. As Tortuga Backpack’s say, the number one way to deter thieves is to buy a backpack that locks. It’s common sense – locks help prevent theft.

Don’t – leave it unattended

By no means are locked bags impenetrable, though. Insurance will cover theft, damage and loss of your luggage and personal items when you’re on holiday. But only when you’re acting responsibly with your items close by or secured away. You might not be covered if you leave your bag in the following places:

  • With hotel concierge if you’re checked out
  • On luggage conveyor belts
  • If you’ve left things out of your sight
  • If you’ve left your bag with a strange
  • On display in a car
  • If you were drunk when your bag was lost or stolen
    Source: TINZ

Do – leave it locked securely

So where should you leave your stuff? The safest bet is to leave valuables (like your phone) in a locked hotel room or in a locker by the beach. If you arrive back from a relaxing day to find your room has been broken into, you’d be covered by your insurance.

If you need to take some valuables with you, you could trust your friend to keep a close eye on your bag. Just make sure you store the good stuff deep in the bag – don’t put it on display for thieves to easily see and make off with.

Don’t – take valuables on holiday

Alternatively, you could leave anything you don’t want to lose at home. Don’t even take it away with you. If you can do without something (jewellery, for example), this is your best bet. Occasionally, things get lost, broken or stolen. It’s a risk of travelling with baggage.

Whether you take valuables or not, you can still mark your luggage as fragile to prevent breakages. As Hostel World points out, not only is your bag more likely to be handled correctly, it’ll also find itself at the top of pile so you’ll get your bag back first.

How do you keep your luggage safe? Share your tips with us.