TripCraft Launches Mobile Spa Application

Waltham, MA (USA) – 14 June 2012 – TripCraft, developer of the hospitality industry’s first mobile commerce platform for guest and operational solutions, announced its new mobile spa application today. Mobilizing spa operations by seamlessly integrating customers and service touch points into the spa business process, the spa application delivers flexibility and efficiency to spa management while improving productivity and elevating the guest experience.

TripCraft partnered with PAR Springer-Miller Systems, a division of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR), to create TripCraft SpaSoft Mobile. Best-in-class mobile capabilities from TripCraft’s mCommerce platform seamlessly integrate with PAR’s powerful SpaSoft Spa Management system to deliver an easy-to-use, guest-centric mobile app designed to serve the evolving needs of the world’s top hotels, resorts and spas.

The TripCraft SpaSoft Mobile application mobilizes guest interactions throughout the spa visit using a branded and customizable user interface to the SpaSoft application. The mobile app enables staff to perform key service and operations tasks as they move with clients throughout the spa, such as check in/check out, scheduling and changes, reservations, treatment details, client profiles and preferences, medical information and waivers, payments and more. Its seamless integration with SpaSoft creates an efficient and effective connection between spa staff, guests and processes.

“Mobilizing the spa experience is a stress-free decision benefiting spa managers and their clientele. It’s a more personal and elegant way to interact discretely with guests during an appointment,” said Mike Murray, CEO of TripCraft. “Imagine being able to add services and update client preferences in real-time from an iPad as staff walk the spa. Or even allowing clients to privately self-manage their profiles and preferences. Ultimately, better client service and convenience will translate into repeat business as well as additional revenue from up-sells and referrals.”

Several hotel industry innovators are scheduled to implement the solution this summer as part of their enterprise-wide mobile strategies focused on increasing productivity and establishing a more meaningful connection with guests before, during and after their stay.

“The rationale for mobile applications in the hospitality industry has been confusing, with differing opinions on how and where they fit,” said Robert Post, Chairman of TripCraft. “TripCraft cuts through this ‘clutter.’ In hospitality, mobile is solely about creating better business processes — and better relationships — with guests, staff and vendors. We move mobile out of the theoretical phase and into the hotels, where it produces tangible results.”

About SpaSoft/PAR Springer-Miller Systems
Since 1984, PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc. has earned its reputation as the experts in the operation and development of guest-centric hospitality technology systems. The company’s pioneering SMS|Host® Hospitality Management System set the standard in guest-centric property management systems. The company also offers SpaSoft®, a dynamic activities management/scheduling software solution, available in Editions to meet the unique needs of resorts, day spas, medi-spas and health clubs of all sizes. Boasting some of the world’s most exclusive resorts and hotels as customers, the company is now revolutionizing the industry with the ATRIO hospitality technology platform. ATRIO is moving hospitality to The Cloud, a new user experience and to a new business paradigm. Learn more at

About TripCraft
TripCraft is the provider of the hospitality industry’s first Mobile Commerce (mCommerce) platform, powering mobile applications for guests, management and staff. Launched in 2010, TripCraft mobilizes hospitality business processes so hoteliers can get closer to their guests, improving the guest and management experiences. The cloud-based mCommerce platform offers a scalable service architecture integrated with existing hospitality applications to deliver untethered real-time reservations, personalized marketing, on-property services, entertainment, front desk, spa, property management, and more to increase guest engagement, streamline operations and enhance revenue. For more information, contact us at or Follow TripCraft on Twitter at @TripCraft.

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