Skal Thailand Donates School Bags to School in Honduras

Skål Thailand Donates School Bags to School in Honduras - TRAVELINDEXRoatan (Honduras) – September 18, 2019 ( – Skål Thailand attending the 2019 World Congress and wanting to give back to needy causes picked a Honduras poor school to visit. Visiting the school when they stopped over in Roatan during the 80th Skål World Congress on board the Symphony of the Seas cruise liner, to make their donation.

The Skål members from Thailand donated free back packs for 120 poor village school children.

Commenting on this initiative Skål Thailand President Wolfgang Grimm said, “Skål Thailand Backpacks for Kids is an outreach CSR initiative organized by Skål Thailand as a CSR activity for the Skål World Congress 2019, in order to give back to the communities we will encounter.

“This is our way of helping out the children in need during these tough economic times in the destinations the congress will be visiting.”

Backpacks were sourced from a wholesaler based in the USA and paid for by Skål Clubs in Thailand

There are many families that cannot afford to buy their children a new backpack or supplies. They send their children to school with old or tattered backpacks which can affect their confidence and willingness to participate in school with a positive outlook.

Our goal is to provide these children with a new and cool backpack with basic school supplies pack inside. Also money saved by these parents are then able to be redirected to other needs such as uniforms, shoes and other basic needs, in some cases food and other things we take for granted.

“Over 100 happy smiling faces on kids was a joy to behold. They have very little in life, education is a key to their future success and a small head start with our gift of love given by strangers can make a huge difference. This was our small financial gift from Thailand”, said Snr Vice President of SKÅL Thailand Kevin Rautenbach.