The Michelin Guide Presents New Hotel Selection on Website and Apps

The Michelin Guide Presents New Hotel Selection on Website and Apps - -World Best Luxury Boutique HotelsParis, France, November 23, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / The Michelin Guide’s hotel selection, created by Tablet Hotels experts and its community of travellers – puts the quest for excellence, the enhancement of uniqueness, the promotion of local know-how and the art of living at the same pace as its selection of restaurants. The continuously updated selection, now available in digital format, can be viewed, booked and shared on the Michelin Guide website and apps.

For more than a century, the Michelin Guide has accompanied gourmands and travellers by sharing its best restaurant recommendations as well as convenient places to stay around the world.

In the Michelin Guide’s restaurant selections, the establishments promoted are not just invitations to enjoy a meal, they are also true destinations. Today, the Michelin Guide sets a new standard for a selection of hotels.

The hotels recommended on the Michelin Guide’s digital platforms are selected with the same high standards as the restaurants, to fulfil the same promise: to strive for excellence, promote uniqueness, and highlight local know-how and the art of living. If Michelin Guide hotels and restaurants selections are bounded by the same exact values, the way they are made is different.

Where restaurants are selected by the renowned anonymous Michelin Guide inspectors, the hotel selection is carried out by the passionate team at Tablet Hotels – the Michelin Guide’s hotel experts since 2018 – and by its community of travellers. By listing hotels that inspire discovery or adventure, the Michelin Guide’s historical commitment to offer only memorable experiences is upheld.

“By making our hotel selection even more rigorous and focusing only on the strongest, most unique and most memorable experiences, the Michelin Guide aims to bring the know-how and expertise of its teams to travellers and gourmets around the world. In doing so, and by offering new digital services to our users, we are pursuing a clear ambition: to become the benchmark for high-level hotel and restaurant recommendations,” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of Michelin Guides.

A hotel selection made with travellers that presents new features

The Michelin Guide’s collaborative hotel selection invites all verified guests who booked a stay through Tablet to assist with validation of the selection by sharing their feedback. Any hotel with a less than satisfactory rating will be evaluated for removal, ensuring that the Michelin Guide’s recommendations are always worthy of its users’ trust.

The Michelin Guide’s digital hotel selection allows travellers to benefit from the best online booking platform developed by Tablet. The trusted selection of extraordinary hotels — places that stand out for their style, service, and personality — is the first step in planning for a memorable experience, regardless of price. From checking availability to booking a room and getting away from it all, thanks to a seamless, sophisticated booking experience and industry-leading service and support, discerning adventurers are offered a new approach to the art of travel that is so dear to the Michelin Guide.

« For over 20 years, Tablet has been the go-to resource for finding and booking the world’s most extraordinary hotels online. Today, as the hotel experts at the Michelin Guide, we are committed to the same ambition as the Guide’s restaurant selection: showing travellers only places that are worth their time — place that will contribute something meaningful to their journey. And, like we do for restaurateurs, we are pleased that our selection will shine a light on the talent, expertise and personality of passionate hoteliers who help make the world’s great destinations so eternally attractive”, adds Lucy Lieberman, CEO of Tablet Hotels

The Michelin Guide is fully aware of the impact of the health crisis on the travel, gastronomy, and lifestyle sectors. Through its selection of hotels and restaurants, the Guide is committed to actively promoting the industry and meeting the expectations of travellers and gourmets who are more eager than ever to enjoy authentic culinary experiences and unforgettable getaways.

The Michelin Guide and Tablet Hotels are following in the footsteps of the and by Travelindex, presenting a curated list of the world’s best luxury boutique hotels.