Restaurant POTONG Wins Prestigious TOP25 Restaurants Bangkok Award

Restaurant POTONG Wins Prestigious TOP25 Restaurants Bangkok AwardBangkok, Thailand, June 27, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Restaurant POTONG is pleased to announce that it has been awarded prestigious accolade from TOP 25 Restaurants ranking #5 in Top Restaurants Bangkok. It’s truly our honored to be awarded and ranked among top 5 restaurants in Bangkok.

Thank you, TOP25 Restaurants and Travelindex, for recognizing Chef Pam (Pichaya Soontornyanakij) and the team’s hard work and passion in what we do and the strive being as one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. We will work even harder and keep up our standard even higher.

Our Restaurant POTONG is focusing on bringing “legacy” of local “Thai-Chinese” flavour, the memories, and bring “evolution” to it. Being one of the first to be recognized right here in the center of Chinatown, Yaowaraj has meant a lot to us. Thank you for noticing our humble Restaurant POTONG and Opium Bar.

Here’s some of what TOP 25 Restaurants has mentioned about us:

“At POTONG, Chef Pam delivers a contemporary and exciting experience of progressive Thai-Chinese cuisine. Located near the entrance to Sampeng Market, the restaurant is located in a 120-year-old Sino-Portuguese architectural building and the traditional medicine house of Chef Pam’s great-great-grandparents. POTONG’s fine dining menu is designed to take you on a journey through time, not only culinary but sensorial as well, as patrons progress from one floor to the other, feeling the spirit and vibrations of the building’s history…”

Evolution of Crab, Blue Crab and Mud Crab, Roe Emulsion, Black Pepper Jam, Thai-Chinese Bread…”

At POTONG, Chef Pam believes that dining can, and should, happen on a spiritual level; when the cuisine, the wine, the service, and the overall ambiance transpire in equal measures: that’s the moment it captures your memory…”

“The wine list menu reflects the chef thought process of choice and selection, showcasing uncommon and distinctive wineries from 15 countries. A variety of kombucha drinks are also available…”

“Excellent service, delivering expertly the exquisitely sized dishes of the superb quality of food amid stunning presentation…”

More information about our award from TOP 25 Restaurants below:

About Restaurant POTONG latest Course MenuThe New Experience

Restaurant POTONG is delighted to announce Chef Pam and her team will bring to you, their most exciting and innovative dining adventure ever, “The New Experience!”
• Restaurant POTONG has significantly upgraded both their restaurant facilities and menu offering to deliver to you a truly unforgettable experience!
• POTONG has appointed a new Maître d’hôtel to further elevate our service; Sacha Di Silvestre has joined us from the three Michelin starred Osteria Francescana by Massimo Bottura in Modena.
• Our latest Wine Odyssey [VOLUME IV: March 2023] is simultaneously launched with its most extensive enhancement yet, covering wines from 22 countries, including many biodynamic, organic and natural offerings alongside classic favourites.
• In tandem with our focus on considerably expanding our wine selection, we are delighted to formally announce our latest collaboration with local winemaker ISSARA ESTATES for wine craft together with Khun Kiattiwat Srichawanpen (Songwat artist) who previously ran PLAYARTHOUSE to help promote awareness of local artisan crafts. Their exceptional wine will now be served on our rooftop as complimentary to all our diners as they experience our POTONG journey. The unique wine selected for this project is “unfiltered chenin blanc 2022” following the concept of, “You become what you believe!” The three parties painstakingly worked together to create this prestigious unfiltered bottle of Chenin Blanc; the local artist Kiattiwat Srichawanpen, the Thai-artisan winery “ISSARA ESTATES”, and restaurant “POTONG”. The abstract image drawn by K Kiattiwat represents both the ISSARA region of their vineyard winery and POTONG’s five-element cuisine philosophy. This stunning wine has been aged for ten months and is made entirely from chenin blanc grapes.

Whilst we are confident that we have elevated and enhanced our menu with increased complexity in techniques and flavour profiles, we remain true to our original concept of 5 Senses, 5 Elements and 20 courses.

Different times and locations can greatly influence one tasting profile over another. Through Chef Pam’s research and culinary journey, she defines her own framework by mastering each element. Every element encompasses its very own unique and inherent properties and when combined, they work simultaneously to create one united universe. This has led her to develop an all-encompassing culinary principle stemming from THE 5 SENSES, referring back to memory, of “Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch,”, THE 5 ELEMENTS, which become the determination of the cuisine at POTONG.

At POTONG all dishes are enforced with this same principle and are equally important. Each dish embraces this 5-element philosophy and finds its ultimate statement in our dining room setting: “Salt, Acid, Spice, Texture, and Maillard Reaction”

Our newest experience use and incorporates 100% local, representing the best quality of its kind from Thai-Chinese ingredients that Chef Pam has discovered on her travels to meet artisan farmers and fishermen across Thailand. One such example that inspired her, is the revolutionary presentation of local Palm, showcasing every component in a distinctly different way. Local white pomfret from Surat Thani continues to feature embracing a zero- waste philosophy, cleverly incorporating every part of this stellar fish in one memorable course. Our firm favourite of duck, remains, but taken to a new level with additional elements to proudly present to our diners, “All-about-duck” using every part of this stunning locally reared bird. We have also reconstructed and improve our dessert courses, which will feature the historical story of “Sam Pheng” to honour the history and origin of Chef Pam’s family legacy.

We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy our unique, new experience menu:
20-courses, 5 senses, 5 elements priced at 5,500++ THB.
• Dinner reservations are available from 4.30pm till 8pm.
• Diners may check out our latest menu at:
Reservations are available online at or alternatively call Restaurant POTONG on 0829793950.