Laureates Will Be Honored with International Tourism Awards

solin-croatia-interstas-tourism-filmsSolin (Croatia) – October 14, 2015 (travelindex) – Laureates will be honored in Solin, Croatia for “Outstanding Merits in the Field of Tourism” and “Life in Tourism”. Laureates will be awarded the “12th International Tourism Award Golden Interstas” at the 22nd INTERSTAS Solin 2015 and 33nd Fest Award – European Turism Award, European Club for Tourism.

Travelindex, Hong Kong; World’s Media Partner
RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A, Rome, Italy; the best producer at the ITF’CRO Festival

Among the other nominees for the International Tourism Awards 2015 are:
– Ana Rucner, cellist, Zagreb, for outstanding artistic work and therefore contribution to the cultural tourism of Croatia,
– Fr. Petar Klapez, the guardian and manager of the Sanctuary, the Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Sinj for overall contribution to the strenghthening of faith and spiritual renewal of those who visit the shrine of Our Lady of Sinj, and outstanding contribution to the success of the 300th anniversary of the Sinjska Alka, contributing as well to the tourism of Sinj and the area of Cetina river.

Three international tourism, film festival and landscape events:
– 22nd INTERSTAS / International Festival of Tourism, Film and Landscape
– 18th ITF’CRO / International TourFilm Festival
– 13th KEA-CRO / Presentation of Croatian cities and villages for the GOLDEN FLOWER of EUROPE,
will be held (for the sixth time in continuity), 11 – 14 November 2015 at the Hotel President, Solin.

The event is held with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, the Croatian Tourist Board, the World and European Federation of touristic journalism, film and sustainable development – FIJET, FEST, ITCO, AEFP / EFE, the sponsorship of the City of Solin, the main host of the event-hotel President in Solin, and under the auspices of the President of Croatia, Mrs. Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic.

At the 22nd INTERSTAS 2015, a total of 138 nominated candidates (individuals, companies or associations) of 22 countries from all around the world; 74 candidates are nominated and 22 LAUREATES are selected among them (10 individual and 12 collective).

Directory of INTERSTAS, Blazenko BOBAN, mayor of Solin, Vojko PLESTINA, Board president, Antonio CONTE, president of FEST and honorary president of our event; based on the submitted candidacies and explanations for every individual and organization, according to the propositions of the award, decided to assign these prestigious international tourism awards. Selected Laureates with their highly creative quality of their work, their projects, development programs, presentation of tourist, cultural, spiritual, etc., programs, and recognition of their individual and collective contributions, directly or indirectly, promote and enhance the development of tourism. It certainly contributes to the prosperity, quality of life improvement, and better understanding among people and nations, and thus confirm the justification of awarding them with one of these prestigious international tourism awards; SPECIAL RECOGNITION, F.E.S.T. ‘2015 Award and GOLDEN INTERSTAS 2015, Certificate – nominated Croatian candidate for the GOLDEN FLOWER OF EUROPE 2016.

Among individual laureates 2015 are: Damir BAJS, prefect of Bjelovar Bilogora County, Mojimir CACIJA, composer, choir leader, Sinj, Marijan DUZIC, Board president of SVPETRVS Hotels Inc., Supetar, Miro GAVRAN, playwright, novelist, Zagreb, Rudi GRULA, Director of Tourist Board Medimurje, Father Petar KLAPEZ, guardian and manager of the sanctuary and Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Sinj, Karin MIMICA, journalist, publicist, Durdica SIMICIC, director of the Tourist Board of Mali Losinj, Dusko TAMBACA, music teacher, choir leader, Split, Ana RUCNER, cellist, Zagreb.

Among collective laureates 2015 are: the Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri, City Porec-Parenzo, Klapa Cambi Split, “Krka National Park“, SVPETRVS HOTELS Inc. Supetar, Tourism Office of Budva Municipality, Tourist Board of Bjelovar Bilogora County, Tourist Board of Mali Losinj, Tourist Board of Medimurje, Alka Society Sinj, Airport Osijek and the World’s Media Partner, Travelindex Media, Hong Kong.

At the 18th International Tourism Film Festival – ITF’CRO, from 59 countries from all over the world, we have received 283 films. From 26 countries 63 films are nominated, of which 55 foreign and 8 croatian films. Decision of the International Jury of the Festival, with awards and diplomas for best director, screenplay, music, picture and installation, will be awarded a special prize for the best Croatian film “Baldo Cupic”, and the Grand Prix. – ITF`CRO 2015. Award-winning films will be globally distributed and visible thanks to our media partner, Travelindex.

At the 13th KEA-CRO / competition for the Golden Flower of EUROPE 2016, 5 Croatian cities and villages are competing. Of these 2 are the nominees: City POREC-PARENZO, in the category of cities, and the Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri in the category of villages.

Certificate KEA-CRO for the “Golden Flower of Europe”, International Tourism Awards, Festival awards and Grand Prix ITF`CRO ‘2015, will be presented at the closing ceremony at the Hotel President Solin, Friday, 13 November 2015, at 7PM.

We welcome all laureates to the International Club of Merited in tourism development.

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