World Tourism Forum Lucerne WTFL Ready for Future with New Owner

World Tourism Forum Lucerne WTFL Ready for Future with New Owner - - TRAVELINDEXLucerne, Switzerland, May 30, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / The World Tourism Forum Lucerne has made a considerable differ ence in the global tourism industry over the past 15 years. As of today, the ‘World Tourism Forum Lucerne’ brand has evolved and found a new owner in the form of SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern. This guarantees the continued existence of the ‘World Tourism Forum Lucerne’ brand. The company WTFL AG is to be liquidated.

The Corona pandemic has taken its toll on the tourism industry. The World Tourism Forum Lucerne also felt this and very unfortunately the WTFL had to close its doors at the end of January 2022. The regrets about the discontinuation of the WTFL’s valuable activities from home and abroad were overwhelming. The numerous feedback has affirmed WTFL’s founder and CEO, Martin Barth, in his intention to preserve the value that WTFL AG has established and to uphold the vision of the organisation. The intensive search for the suitable organisation to hand over to was successful. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for WTFL: the new owner SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern, who benefits from the excellent existing reputation of the WTFL, will bring new energy and bold ideas.

SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern is expanding its international activities – also with the ‘World Tourism Forum Lucerne’ brand

SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern will be the new owner of the ‘World Tourism Forum Lucerne’ brand. Its aim is to use the brand and its existing values and visions to fur ther expand its international business. In concrete terms, SHL wishes to become more in- volved in the establishment of hospitality schools abroad, strengthen its consultancy in ser vice marketing and management, and at the same time organise more international events at home and abroad. Furthermore, since 2019 SHL has been running the English course of studies ‘Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management’, which is offered in cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Christa Augsburger, Director of SHL, is proud that SHL is the new owner of the ‘World Tourism Forum Lucerne’ brand. «We can use the brand, which is very well established in the market, to help SHL progress even further in its international endeavours. Not only is the purchase of the brand important, but also Martin Barth’s agreement to support SHL in developing its international activities. We are delighted that we will be able to draw on his expertise and his fantastic international network in the future.»

Martin Barth expands his portfolio, but remains loyal to the tourism industry

Martin Barth, the founder and CEO of WTFL, will contribute his expertise and international network to various projects and committees in the future. He is pleased that SHL has en- trusted him with the further development of the international business. In addition, he will remain a professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, an expert at Inno-Suisse and a board member of several start-ups. «I am convinced that with SHL we have found the perfect new owner of the ‘World Tourism Forum Lucerne’ brand to continue pursuing the vision together. In addition, I can now broaden my portfolio and devote myself even more to entrepreneurial tasks – I am very much looking forward to that.»

About the WTFL
Over the last 15 years, the World Tourism Forum Lucerne has built a global platform with a great deal of heart and soul and a clear vision from Lucerne. This platform is the base where three generations discussed opportunities, risks and new ideas in tourism together. The World Tourism Forum Lucerne was the only platform that integrated start-ups, young executives and students in dialogue with ministers, CEOs and investors worldwide. Our achievements are great: a worldwide network of 15’000 personalities, a cooperation with 40 partner schools from all over the world, an innovation community of 5000 start-ups, a global think tank working on new concepts in the tourism industry every year and an international Next Generation Leader and Young Talent Community with an innovative coaching concept.

About SHL
Since 1909, SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern has been the practice-oriented, in novative training institution that paves the way for young, success-oriented students to enter the national and international hotel and catering industry. As one of two original Swiss hotel management schools, SHL has strongly influenced hotel management education in Switzer- land. SHL graduates hold management positions in the hotel, gastronomy and other service industries in Switzerland and internationally. In addition to the traditional courses of study ‘Dipl. Hotelier(e)-Gastronom(in) HF’ and ‘Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management’, SHL offers continuing education concepts, training opportunities and consulting services in ‘Best Customer Experience’ for companies in various industries. In addition, SHL is involved in international development projects by being active in the conception and development of various industry-specific training initiatives.