Europa Park Named the new Wooden Coaster – Wodan

Rust (Germany) – January 10, 2012 – Europa Park has revealed that the name of its new wooden coaster will be “Wodan Timburcoaster”, While there is the obvious play on the word, “Wooden” being used here, Wodan is also the name of a major Anglo-Saxon diety… which pretty much served as the Germanic counterpart to the Norse diety Oden. The new name was announced by the park’s managing partners, Roland and Jürgen Mack. “WODAN Timburcoaster” is the park’s newest high-tech wooden roller coaster and is expected to start operating on 31 March 2012. The name was suggested to the park after it launched a call to its park visitors to help it find a name for its latest ride. Wodan is more than 1,000 meters long and 40 meters tall and is expected to be the most modern wooden rollercoaster of its kind.

The park has recently made significant investments in its ride and park offering in general. Apart from a new coaster it is also constructing an additional hotel complex, opening new dining facilities and has recently produced its first 4D cinema film. Visitors to the park are also increasingly international. With just under one million visitors being French and Swiss. The park has also seen a significant rise in guests from Austria, the Benelux countries and even many Middle Eastern countries.

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