SUNx Expands in China Promoting Climate Friendly Travel

SUNx Expands in China Promoting Climate Friendly TravelBeijing (China) – October 20, 2018 ( – In a landmark agreement, in the side-lines of the Club of Rome’s 50th Anniversary, Geoffrey Lipman, Co-founder of the Strong Universal Network (SUNx) and Jinfeng Zhou Secretary General of The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation [CBCGDF] agreed to expand the network established as a legacy to their friend and mentor Maurice Strong.

SUNx and CBCGDF will collaborate on the development of a Climate Resilience network and capacity building in China, One Belt One Road States and associated African countries. The main components of the partnership are:
– Establishment of a Beijing SUNx Centre
– Development of the SUNx Network in China, One Belt One Road, and Africa
– Hosting Strong Climate Action Days from a Beijing base
– Developing the Maurice Strong Legacy Scholarship Program in China and beyond

The parties agreed to immediately focus on promoting Climate Friendly Travel and specifically with reference to Parks, Protected Areas and Cultural Heritage locations.

Geoffrey Lipman said “This is a massive breakthrough in a program that was inspired by Maurice Strong, one of the fathers of Sustainable Development and a visionary who saw the travel and tourism sector as vital to global development but in need of an accelerated transformation to the New Climate Economy. It also reflects his view that the next generation will be the climate champions of our world and that China will play a leading role. We are delighted to partner with CBCGDF an organization with a proud record for sustainability and conservation leadership. We agree that Climate Change is the existential reality on the global agenda and that strengthened networks in the spirit of SDG 17 are a key to our future”

Jinfeng Zhou said “I am particularly proud that we are making the agreement during the Club of Rome’s 50th Anniversary. As a newly elected member of the Club’s Executive Council, I believe it is precisely the kind of system change we stand for. It was why our friend Maurice Strong, whose legendary commitment to sustainable development of the planet and its people, is also reflected in the Club’s planetary boundaries vision. These are principles that we espouse at CBCGDF of action-oriented persuasion with a strong stakeholder engagement. Protected areas and species are a vital part of our bio-system and we need to step up our defences. The agreement comes at the time of publication of a new book Remembering Maurice Strong that shows so clearly where we have been and where we must urgently go ”

Zhou added “ We hope the SUNx Centres will also be places to showcase the renewed vision of the Club of Rome for accelerated change to a New Climate Economy”

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Beijing SUNx Centre
A SUNx Centre is a prefabricated, solar powered, climate research and innovation centre. It is a 20m x 12m (240sq.m), steel frame building with a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system.

The Beijing Centre will act as a Focal Point, for education, innovation and action on Climate Resilience and Impact-Travel. Helping communities curate data, meet Paris targets, align with the SDGs etc, It will also be a Capacity Building Centre and a training venue, linked to local Universities and Schools.
Development of the Network in China, One Belt One Road, and Africa

Starting with two global centres in Limburg and Beijing we will plan a rollout of the network into OBOR states and Associated African countries. By leveraging databases, utilising platforms, connecting through the cloud and engaging smart committed young researchers / communicators the network will provide significant added value.

Hosting Strong Climate Action Days from a Beijing base
Putting a unique focus on how Climate Change will affect Tourism destinations and Protected areas. These will lay the groundwork for continuing community focused action, through the global SUNx System,

Developing the Maurice Strong Legacy Scholarship Program in China
The scholarship program aims to inspire smart graduate trainees focus on a brighter, sustainable future. With industry CSR partners we will help build a cadre of young smart “Climate Champions.” We will work with academic institutions and private sector champions to develop a sustainable long-term framework.