MGC Marine debuts Azimut Lounge in Pattaya

azimut-luxury-yachts-lounge-thailand-pattayaPattaya, Chonburi (Thailand) – February 26 – MGC Marine (Asia) Company Limited, a new subsidiary company of the Master Group Corporation (Asia) Limited or “MGC Asia”, the sole authorized importer and distributor of Azimut Yachts for Thailand under the brand name “Azimut Yachts Thailand”, has allocated Bt.300 million investment budget to purchase the first order of Azimut’s luxurious yachts. Alongside the preparation for launching the first batch of Azimut Yachts products, MGC Asia officially debuts “”Azimut Lounge””, the first exclusive reception area for clients of Azimut Yachts in Thailand at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya. The luxurious lounge provides full service coverage for all yachting affairs, while the company plans to open its second “Azimut Lounge” in Phuket shortly.

Dr. Sunhavut Thamchuanviriya, Group Managing Director Master Group Corporation (Asia) Limited or “MGC-Asia” reveals that, “MGC Marine (Asia) Company Limited is a new subsidiary company of the Master Group Corporation (Asia) Limited, or MGC, an organization with the most dynamic vision, sustainable growth and business potential, as well as a sole authorized importer and distributor of the most comprehensive range of automotive vehicles in Asia. We are appointed by Azimut Benetti (Italy) as Thailand’s first and exclusive importer and distributor for Azimut Yachts under the name ‘Azimut Yachts Thailand’. Azimut/Benetti is currently led by Dr. Giovanna Vitelli, the company’s owner and daughter of Azimut’s founder – Paolo Vitelli. Azimut Yachts significantly boosts yacht industry and Turino tourism, establishing yacht as a popular leisure among millionaires and socialites in Europe and across the world, serving customers at over 130 sites globally. Initially, MGC Asia has allocated an investment of Bt.300 million to purchase the first order of azimut-yachts-lounge-pattaya-thailandAzimut’s luxurious yachts soon to be officially launched in Thailand. Meanwhile, we debut Thailand’s first “Azimut Lounge” – An exclusive reception area for clients of Azimut Yachts which provides a comprehensive range of service for yachting needs at Ocean marina Club, Pattaya. The second lounge in Phuket is also scheduled to open very soon.”

“The “Azimut Lounge” by the coast of Pattaya has been designed with a maritime yachting atmosphere in mind. The elegant-looking building features an interior that signifies modern luxury and a timeless splendor. The interior of the lounge simulates that of our finest luxury yachts. As part of our full service coverage, we have highly experienced yachting consultants to cater to clients’ discerning needs and queries. We also provide services ranging from a comprehensive Yachts Financial Service served by MGC-Asia company group, a long-lease service, warrantee coverage to cruise catering including crew members and captain, as well as after-sales service and technical support by Azimut Italy-certified experts.

A specially-designed yacht maintenance programme and a notification system when maintenance is due are also available. Included as well is the brokerage service for used Azimut yachts which encompasses purchasing, selling and exchanging both in Thailand and abroad, in which every yacht is inspected according to Azimut Italy’s standards. The complete range of services is to achieve clients’ utmost satisfaction and benefit throughout their ownership period, whether through lease or purchase.

“We think that the customer groups of Azimut are varied in Thailand. Mostly, our clients are from the foreign expatriate communities of Thailand, with approximately over 70% being either business entrepreneurs or travelers from Russia, China, Australia, America, Canada, France, Singapore and Malaysia. We anticipate around 10% of customers will be Thai, targeting those who aspire to a luxurious lifestyle obtained from a mega yacht and have a high net worth. We strongly believe that our luxurious yachts under the world’s top brand ‘Azimut’ and the newly-debuted “Azimut Lounge” in Pattaya will answer clients’ demands of maritime leisure. Yachting is a means of travel that combines all the charms at sea within one place. Maritime explorers can experience nature closely through a variety of activities and entertainment offered onboard, rather than simply enjoy the views from the coast. This will yield positive results to the local economy and the tourism businesses in Pattaya, as well as will propel Pattaya as the country’s number one hub of maritime travel, serving as a world-class destination for luxurious boating and yachting lifestyle,” adds Dr. Sunhavut.

azimut-yachts-sea-trial-thailand-pattayaAbout Azimut Benetti Group:
Founded in 1969 by Paulo Vitelli, an Italian veteran in yacht and its industry worldwide, Azimut Yachts is a leader in the design and construction of luxury motoryachts. Operated under its motto “Italian beauty, through technology”, Azimut Yachts serves customers at over 130 sites worldwide.
Azimut Benetti is the largest network producing megayachts and the world’s leading private group in the luxury boating sector.
The Group, which owns the prestigious brands Azimut Yachts, Benetti Yachts, Yachtique, Fraser Yachts, Lusben, Marina di Varazze and Royal Yacht Club Moscow, offers the most extensive range of motor boats from the 34 foot to the 70 metre plus yachts built by Benetti.
Azimut Benetti has the most extensive sales network in the boating industry worldwide, with 138 sites in 68 countries. As a leader in production, the Azimut-Benetti Group produces in its 8 shipyards, which are located in Avigliana near Turin (company’s headquarters and Azimut’s shipyards), Savona, Viareggio, Livorno, Fano in the Marche region, Orhangazi (Bursa) in Turkey and Itajai in Brazil.
Currently, under the leadership of Giovanna Vitelli, owner of Azimut/Benetti, and daughter of Azimut’s founder — Paolo Vitelli, Azimut Yachts boosts yacht industry and Turino tourism, establishing yacht as a popular leisure among European millionaires and socialites. Azimut Yachts is the first brand of the Group, which produces yachts from 38 to 120 feet long.

History and Milestones:

The first steps towards success
In 1970, some prestigious yachting brands appointed the company to distribute their boats in Italy. Azimut quickly expanded its operations. Apart from distribution, it began to design new yachts. In a joint venture with Amerglass, it designed the AZ 43’ Bali, a mass-produced fibreglass boat, which was an immediate success.

The company gradually expanded its range, focusing on the lower end of the market – with the launch of the AZ 32’ Targa in 1977, the “Ford T” of the boat world – and upper end too – (with the memorable début of the Azimut 105’ Failaka in 1982, the biggest mass-produced yacht in fibreglass at the time).

The acquisition of Benetti and the start of own production
In 1985, Azimut acquired Benetti. This historical brand, based in Viareggio, had been building boats since 1873, and designed the concept of the megayacht. Azimut was now able to construct its own yachts, defining new style and industry standards that would go on to revolutionise the boat building industry, such as: large frameless windows, electric seats, and walnut interiors.

New production sites and international recognition
From the late nineties onwards, with the acquisition of new boatyards at Fano, the restructuring of the Benetti boatyards at Viareggio and the construction of a new site at Avigliana, in the province of Turin, Azimut went on to become the foremost builder of yachts and megayachts.
This leadership position was confirmed in subsequent seasons, thanks to numerous business successes and an investment policy which has consolidated Azimut’s technological and production capacities over the years, with sites now established in Brazil.

Our DNA: Style, innovation and quality. Luxury yachts that also stand for value
One of the first reasons why an owner chooses an Azimut yacht is nearly always beauty. Then, the intrinsic values of the product come into play: its comfort, safety features, level of technology and elegant living solutions. Finally, owners want something more between the time of making their choice and the purchase. They want the boatyard that builds the yacht of their dreams to be able to boast a significant history, to have consolidated a network of services, to reflect a successful image and, above all, to be a sound company. In all these aspects, Azimut Yachts can deliver results and guarantees of a true industry leader.

A luxury yacht has value if that value is long-lasting. If its beauty can challenge the seasons, its style is a source of inspiration for those who are passionate about the sea, and not just a fashion follower. The design of Azimut yachts shapes the Italian essence behind the brand. Each model in the Azimut range reflects the attention to detail and the style excellence of Italian manufacturing.

The construction of luxury yachts requires production efficiency, advanced technologies and an ability to innovate. Boat owners who choose Azimut choose luxury, hi-tech yachts, built at cutting-edge boatyards where the Group’s investments in research culminate.
Azimut-Benetti’s R&D Centre develops technologies that are unique worldwide, for an experience at sea that is effortless and safe. In fact Azimut’s technologies are always designed to deliver safety and comfort to yacht owners.
Design, technology, materials, components and human expertise are all Azimut hallmarks that meet a higher standard: quality. This philosophy is possible because Azimut has put its income back into the company, over more than forty years, investing in personnel training, technological research, product development and the upgrading of plants and structures. Only in this way has it been possible to be the number one boatyard of choice worldwide for the construction of megayachts for 12 years running.

Respect for the environment, turned into tangible results
Azimut Yachts was awarded ISO 14001 certification, for its consistent and effective management system aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its operations. Since 2004 the company has used the Core Infusion lamination system and in 2007 research began on the use of low environmental impact paints and resins.

To maximise the eco-compatible standards of the yachts produced at its boatyards, Azimut decided to adopt RINA principles and to achieve RINA Green Plus notation. The result is a remarkable range of innovative solutions, including first and foremost hybrid propulsion motors, to sail with a near-zero reduction in noise levels and lower consumption on short day trips. In addition to: high performance propellers, LED lighting, anti-UV film on windows for better thermal efficiency and environmentally compatible materials. Experiments continue at Azimut’s research centres, with the introduction of nanotechnologies to develop a longer-lasting anti-fouling coating with a lower impact for marine life.

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