Saint Ange Tourism Report – 11th June 2018

Victoria, Mahe (Seychelles) – June 11, 2018 ( – This coming week will be the first year anniversary of the launch of the weekly Saint Ange Tourism Report. It was the 18th June 2017 when I issued the launch issue, and I can safely say that we are happy with the recognition the Report has achieved in Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands, as well as on the International Stage. This would have been impossible if Tourism Ministers from the Community of Nations had not believed in their former colleague and friend. The success is also largely due to the friendly press who continue to repost the tourism Report to ensure increased coverage worldwide.

The Report has enabled us to consolidate new friendships and is developing new working partnerships with countries from far and wide, as well as hotel groups and tourism businesses.

As we start the second year of publication, we shall continue to ensure that key USPs of tourism destinations are highlighted as well as notable achievements by tourism enterprises.

Taleb Rifai on a flying visit to Seychelles

Dr Taleb Rifai, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) visited Seychelles very briefly last week. The much loved and respected former Secretary-General of the UNWTO met with me personally, and together we discussed many of the achievements enjoyed by Seychelles when I was the islands’ Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, and the efforts in creating the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands, which he personally supported when he organised the UNWTO meeting in Reunion Island.

It was during a working lunch at the Eden Blue Hotel that Dr Rifai and myself discussed future endeavours of mutual interest.

A year ago, Seychelles was fighting to take the position of Secretary-General of the UNWTO and move for a “tourism for all” as the driving principle. It is to be recalled that we were in with a winning chance to assume this prestigious post, which would have been a first for Africa, before the Seychelles Government abruptly pulled the plug on my campaign 48 hours before the elections, which were held in Madrid, Spain.

Caribbean Stars “Red Rat & Pascalli” in Seychelles

Cooperation between islanders from the community of island nations is not difficult to achieve because you can take the islanders from their islands, but you cannot take the island out of the islanders. The Caribbean artists ‘Pascalli’ and ‘Red Rat’ proved the point recently during a short tour in the Seychelles.

The Bahamas Stars are in Seychelles for a musical show and fast realised the existing similarities between the Indian Ocean islands and the Caribbean. This prompted them to look into the possibility of planning the filming of their next video clip in Seychelles. The Bahamian model and artist, Pascalli, has good contacts with MTV Tempo, which is watched in 27 countries and has an audience of some 9 million viewers.

Their local contact is the popular Seychellois artist Elijah and they are looking at ways and means to make it possible for the Miami based artist to film her clip in Seychelles. This can increase the visibility of Seychelles and may also open exciting new doors for some Seychellois artists.

Air Seychelles proposes increases on its domestic rates

The proposed rates increase by Air Seychelles on its domestic service has raised many an eyebrow and the elected members of the Seychelles National Assembly are now scrutinising the new rates following representations received from the public. Air Seychelles is owned 60% by the Seychelles Government and 40% by Etihad Holdings. It is therefore right for the elected representatives to be looking at the new published rates that will be causing a worry for the local public and as it is also seen as a major disadvantage for the tourism operators of Praslin and La Digue Islands.
Respect Seychellois and support Seychellois

The following three points that are coming up in this editorial showcase how three Seychellois sportsmen managed to fly the Seychelles Flag high against the sportsmen from the wider community of nations. They could not do it alone and those who stood with them and behind them need to be congratulated.

We must always strive to support our hardworking Seychellois. Not offering the hand of support and encouragement cannot be regarded as patriotic and being committed to one’s sovereignty.

Seychellois Referee Eddie Maillet part of the Football World Cup 2018

Eddie Maillet, a very respected and popular Seychellois Referee, is on his way to Russia to officiate at some of the World Cup 2018 football matches. His family and friends posted on social media how proud they felt of this impressive accomplishment.

“So proud of our Father. Two world cups – so happy to see our nation being represented at one of the biggest sporting events in the world. You are indeed an inspirational example that hard work really pays off. So much love for you,” stated his excited daughter.

Seychelles as a whole is also proud to see one of its own flying the Nation’s flag at such a prestigious event. We look forward to watching you represent our small country in the global arena shortly!

Lancelot Blanchard wins Corsica Raid

The 2018 edition of Corsica raid adventure, took place on the 1st – 6th June 2018 between Porto Vecchio and the natural region of Upper Corsica. The Corsica raid adventure is a team event and combines a dozen disciplines such as canyoning, kayak, mountain-biking, rope crossings, orienteering course, coastering, etc with competitors coming from all parts of the world to participate.

Lancelot Blanchard, a young Seychellois national, was part of the winning team, Squadra di Università di Corsica. Congratulations Lancelot! You’ve made Seychelles proud!

Nick Baldwin wins first full Ironman Philippines in historic fashion

The third sports win for Seychelles recently was by Nick Baldwin who won the Philippines Ironman Challenge. Nick is the son of Richard and Jenni Baldwin and he was flying the Seychelles Flag high on the 3rd June when he won the Challenge after a 3.8km swim, 180m bike race and 42 km race course of Subic Bay in 8hours, 50 minutes and 13 seconds.

He was supported by his parents and family, but he also had serious sponsors who had faith in a Seychellois.