Robert Sohn New Skal Asian Area President

travel-communications-global-news-img-39Singapore (Singapore) – December 29, 2015 (travelindex) – Robert Sohn is the new President for Skal Asian Area. His appointment follows the sad and untimely death in August 2015 of popular hotelier Marco Battistotti who had just been re-elected President at the annual Skal Asian Area Congress.

Robert Sohn’s appointment was ratified, with unanimous support of all Board Directors, at the Skal Asian Area’s mid-term meeting in Singapore. Acting president Jason Samuel stepped down as he is now serving as Director responsible for Statutes on the Skal International Executive Board, having been elected at the Skal World Congress in Spain on 30 October 2015.

Robert Sohn is President & CEO of Promac Partnership and serves as Chairman for ANTOR (Association of National Tourism Organisation Representatives) in Korea. He is also the Korean representative for Tourism Western Australia. Robert served for four years as Vice-President East Asia on the Skal Asian Area Board and his other roles have included Director of PR & Marketing. He was Chairman of the organising committee that bid successfully and then hosted the 2012 Skal World Congress in Incheon and Seoul. He has been a Skal member in Seoul since 1994 and is known throughout the region as a dedicated member of the world’s largest travel and tourism networking organisation.

“Skal is a truly global organisation that offers members as much opportunity to do business amongst friends as they wish or to just simply network within their own communities. With over 2,200 members in 38 Clubs (23 grouped in five national committees and 15 affiliated) the Skal Asian Area is perhaps the most diverse region in the world of Skal – stretching from Guam in the Pacific Ocean to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean with clubs in 17 fascinating countries in between,” he said.

“We will be concentrating upon membership growth and maintaining a strong network of travel and tourism executives in accord with our philosophy of ‘Doing Business Amongst Friends’. We will also focus upon strengthening mutual contacts and cooperation among Skal members and their Clubs in the Asian Area,” added Robert.

* Robert Sohn’s role as VP for East Asia on the Board of Skal Asian Area is filled by Mr Tsutomu Ishizuka, President of The Japan Hotel School in Tokyo.