SmartLife SmartHealth Introduces Longevity Stays in Thailand

SmartLife SmartHealth Introduces Longevity Stays in Thailand - TRAVELINDEXBangkok (Thailand) – June 17, 2019 ( – SmartLife SmartHealth is wellness and smart communities for the elderly and senior citizen and expat in Thailand. It offers comprehensive Thailand Longevity Stays as one-stop co-housing home and matching program activities, enjoy smart life peers to peers care including using Life Sensing Technology to improve and monitoring the quality of life and healthcare services. The goals are to promote good health among elderly through the prevention and treatment of wellness for good quality of life and learning cultures of each other. The project also provides and cooperate with Time Banking to do a good deed for others in the community.

Considering our program as Social Enterprise to help Thai senior and elder to earn money after their retire and improve quality of their life, which can be bilateral business between countries.

While staying in Thailand, our team can help providing and supporting to choose and match your Wellness and Healthcare services, an elderly have different needs and requirements of wellness and healthcare compared to conventional medicine. The program emphasizes on elderly and health challenge that come with ages, requiring different approach compared to younger due to physiological changes such as changes in the function of the body’s organs so specialized care that meets the specific needs of the elderly through diagnosis and treatment of medical and social conditions such as movement disorders, Alzheimer’s, emotional, and ability to work as such, you can rest assured that we can help you to receive the best in diagnostic and treatment services if needed with the best solution.

Thailand, the most renown destination, offer warm hospitality with great and healthy food, joyful activities all at very affordable costs.

Come and stay in Thailand as your second home with Quality of Life, Learn Love and Share Wealth and Health in Thailand.

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