World’s First Fully Sustainable and Solar-Powered Yacht & Residence Club

World's First Fully Sustainable and Solar-Powered Yacht & Residence Club  - TRAVELINDEX - SUSTAINABLEFIRSTElizabeth Island, Bahamas, May 7, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Ushering in a new era for Caribbean vacation home communities, Silent Resorts and EcoIsland Development announce Club Ki’ama Bahamas, the world’s first equity club to offer ultra-sustainable solar residences and carbon neutral solar yachts. Club Ki’ama is located within the new Ki’ama Bahamas enclave on Elizabeth Island, minutes from Great Exuma. It represents a one-of-a-kind co-ownership opportunity that combines luxurious solar-powered, oceanfront homes with a fleet of solar-powered and crewed yachts, as well as electric day boats, a beach club, spa and restaurant. Construction begins in May 2022 and, upon completion, Club Ki’ama will have the lowest environmental impact of any development in the Caribbean.

“Club Ki’ama represents the future for sustainable residential and resort development,” says Steve Dering, EcoIsland Development partner and global pioneer of the residence club co-ownership model. “It’s incumbent on us to protect Elizabeth Island’s ecologically sensitive environment while thoughtfully creating comfortable spaces where our owners and their guests can enjoy the best of the Bahamas. Our equity club provides abundant owner use while consuming less land with fewer homes and adds an incredible yacht experience. We’re hopeful that our first-of-its-kind club and community will set the standard for eco-conscious development around the world.”

The Ki’ama Bahamas community, Club residences, and facilities were designed by Silent Resorts CEO and founder Victor Barrett. The single-story Club residences will be constructed using linear designs that complement the natural topography of the island. They feature 10- to 12-foot ceilings for enhanced ventilation and light, “living roof” landscape systems, solar panels, and structural timber frames designed to withstand a Category 4 hurricane. The pre-engineered building system allows for the bulk of construction to take place off-island, minimizing disruption to the natural landscape and reducing construction delays and costs.

“We are thrilled to announce our first community for Silent Resorts,” said Barrett. “Sustainable development has long been a passion of mine and Club Ki’ama will bring this to life with state-of-the-art solar technology and sustainable building practices unlike any in the resort and residential markets. We’re excited for our Club owners and their guests to experience a smart, responsible way to own and a new way to travel.”

Club Ki’ama will feature 16 four-bedroom residences and eight yachts. The introductory ownership price is $525,000. Owners will enjoy a minimum of five weeks of vacation annually, including 10 yacht days, and have additional use subject to reservation policies and availability. Club Ki’ama ownership also grants immediate access to the prestigious Elite Alliance exchange program with more than 120 coveted international destinations.

Combining one-of-a-kind land and sea adventures, Club Ki’ama will make a fleet of eight crewed, fully catered, solar-powered Silent Yachts available to owners. These remarkable 60- to 80-foot luxury catamarans eliminate the major drawbacks of traditional yachts – the environmental impact and noise of fossil fuel engines, high operating costs, and expensive maintenance – without diminishing the pleasures that make yachting one of the ultimate vacation experiences.

The Ki’ama Bahamas community will serve as a worldwide example for sustainable development. Much of the resort will be constructed on piers to avoid land excavation or fill using “carbon negative” pre-engineered building structures with near-zero construction waste. All residences, yachts, buildings and amenities will be fully and independently solar powered. The resort also utilizes highly efficient, advanced water purification and wastewater treatment systems. In addition to its environmentally friendly energy, water and building systems, only 18 percent of the total land area will be developed, leaving most of the Ki’ama property undisturbed and left in its natural habitat.

The eco-conscious island sanctuary will feature the oceanfront Club Ki’ama Beach Club, Spa & Restaurant. As the centerpiece of the community, the Beach Club will be uniquely constructed in “tent & timber,” utilizing the highest quality natural fabrics, bamboo and timber with very little impact to the environment.

The removed-but-not-remote location of Club Ki’ama is 36 acres on Elizabeth Island, a private island in Elizabeth Harbour, with a two-acre protected marina and six private beaches. Upon flying into Exuma International Airport, owners take an electric water taxi from George Town Dock to the island, a 10-minute ride. Within 130 nautical miles of the island are more than 365 cays and other islands to be explored on the Club yachts and electric day boats. Ki’ama Bahamas also offers eight spectacularly sited five- and six-bedroom estate homes.

About Ecoisland Development
EcoIsland Development is the nexus of three cutting edge real estate companies: Equity Residences, Elite Alliance, and Silent Resorts. The team has in excess of 150 years of collective, institutional experience designing, developing, financing, and operating real estate projects in North America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. Collectively, the EcoIsland Development team has facilitated the development and financing of more than 35 real estate projects, raised and deployed in excess of $800 million into real estate offerings and generated in excess of $1 billion in real estate sales. The individual companies making up EcoIsland Development are global leaders in their respective real estate silos. The founders of these companies were purposefully assembled to provide unsurpassed expertise in sustainable development, construction, hospitality, marketing, sales, operations, luxury vacation home exchange, and capital stack optimization.

About Silent Resorts
Club Ki’ama Bahamas is the first Silent Resorts destination. Silent Resorts creates communities that are 100 percent powered by the sun and free from invasive infrastructure or diesel generators. Its proprietary relationship with Silent Yachts and its integration of the world’s first fully solar yachts with pre-engineered, carbon-negative, low-impact, land-based infrastructure allows owners and guests to enjoy the planet’s most pristine and undiscovered destinations without harming the environment. Through its global non-profit organization, Silent Catch, Silent Resorts’ destinations support the electrification of the local artisanal fishing fleets, preserve mangrove habitats, fund reef restoration and engage with local island communities. One percent of all Club Ki’ama residence sales will be donated to Silent Catch.