Lebua’s Restaurants Get Stars in the Latest Michelin Guide Thailand

Lebua's Restaurants Get Stars in the Latest Michelin Guide Thailand - Top25Restaurants by TRAVELINDEXBangkok (Thailand) – December 4, 2019 (travelindex.com) – The old adage goes ‘reach for the stars and you’ll land on the moon’; we believed in reaching for stellar summits and boldly going where no man has gone before… For the first time in history one singular vertical destination (and the only hotel in Thailand) is housing multiple MICHELIN-starred restaurants – a two star and a one star – to bring diverse fine-dining experiences to guests. 

Today, both Mezzaluna and Chef’s Table were bestowed stars in recognition of their finesse and flavors; Mezzaluna retaining its two MICHELIN stars and our newest establishment Chef’s Table achieving one star within its first eight months of opening. Residing in the world’s first vertical destination, both restaurants have brought their own essences to the hospitality world, each showcasing their flair for delivering unique and unparalleled fine-dining concepts. 

The world’s first vertical destination
It was Deepak Ohri’s, CEO, vision to create a venue that can match the needs of the ever-discerning food and drink connoisseur – today lebua has achieved its goal of bringing its exceptional concept of ‘experiential luxury’ to its guests. Food has always been an important part of life in Bangkok, with the street food a huge draw for many tourists, but lebua’s latest accolades demonstrate that the city’s offerings are being elevated to new heights – most appropriately within one of the tallest towers in Thailand! 

Mezzaluna is perched on the 65th floor of the State Tower with incredible views of the Chao Phraya. It boasts some of the finest French cooking in the world; using elite Japanese ingredients, Chef de Cuisine Ryuki Kawasaki crafts exquisitely intricate and delicately balanced dishes using the classically French techniques he learnt throughout his career. Bringing incomparable elements to his cooking, Chef Ryuki’s signature dish contains Niigata Murakami Wagyu Beef from hometown; only 1000 cows a year are produced and one per month is sanctioned for use at Mezzaluna – the only establishment outside of Niigata to be given the privilege of serving this highly-prized ingredient. 

Chef’s Table
Newly opened, Chef’s Table brings a fresh perspective to fine-dining; it was conceived to bring immersion and excitement, yet an elegant simplicity, to the world of formal fare. The kitchen is placed at the heart of the dining experience, with 3 MICHELIN-starred Chef Vincent Thierry and his team entertaining guests with their remarkable gastronomic display and extraordinarily unsurpassable French dishes. Chef Vincent uses inspiration from his home of Loire Valley, even preparing his family’s age-old butter recipe on-site, which he then presents to guests whilst regaling them with the tale. With even the most minute of details devised with scrutiny and consideration, specially created placeholder plates were made in France that were modeled on the iconic balconies and dome of lebua, and the incredible glassware serves the finest wine pairings.

All restaurants at lebua vertical destination are highly rated and ranked at Top25Restaurants.com with Mezzaluna taking the top spot and Chef’s Table ranked in third position! Read the full reviews at www.top25restaurants.com/bangkok/