Travel Professionals Address Women’s Market

travel_index_237Bangkok (Thailand) – April 24, 2013 – On Friday, more than 100 travel industry professionals will gather at the Sofitel So Bangkok to find out how they can differentiate and profit from the growing and influential women’s market. The second WITx, a niche event by Singapore-based Web In Travel, will dive into how women are redefining travel and how travel suppliers can market to, and delight, women as customers.

In an increasingly crowded and competitive market, clear differentiation is an advantage and this is one market segment where no one has really taken a clear lead yet, whether it be hospitality, aviation, car rental or other travel services.

Said Yeoh Siew Hoon, editor and founder of WIT, “The women’s market has always been an important one but it’s an issue that’s taken on more urgency due to a convergence of several factors – one, more women graduates than men(pictured, a graduation in Singapore); two, more women entering the workforce; three, more women becoming entrepreneurs; and four the empowerment of women with rising incomes and the social and mobile web.

“Beyond their numbers, women wield a great deal of influence in decision-making – and in today’s age, where individuals are measured by their Klout score – their social media influence – this makes a great difference in how we market to women.”

How travel suppliers can delight women as customers will also be discussed. The CAP Strategic Research report of 2011 which surveyed the needs of women travellers in the US and UK, said, “Women do NOT want to be treated exactly the same as men. Neither do they want to be treated as if females are entirely different. They want travel firms to give them a similar approach to men, but be aware of their special needs, and cater to these.

It also noted that “recent qualitative research undertaken in China and Asia-Pacific would suggest that Asian women are more demanding than their Western counterparts. They want to be treated differently from men. For example, they are in favour of female only floors in hotels, some even advocate female only hotels.”

The report said, “There are exciting opportunities for travel companies to substantially boost their revenue from women travellers, and to maintain high levels of loyalty and retention. Only one in four of women believe that travel firms make special efforts to address their specific travel needs. A significant 66% state that travel companies would see an increase in their business if they did try harder to serve women travellers.

The programme brings in speakers from across Asia who will go into issues such as loyalty, social commerce, social media and mobile and cover topics such as corporate travel and meetings, innovation in hospitality and airlines to cater to women and new spaces such as vacation rental and activities.
Women leadership in travel organisations will also be addressed.

Initiatives such as Women of Accor Generation, which aims to have 35% of women general managers by 2015, will be discussed.

The event will also raise funds for Yim Kids of Thailand through a Charity Bazaar.

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