Butterfly’s Spirit Charity Concert Helps Rebuild Lives

travelindex-hotels-travel-directory-1897Bangkok (Thailand) – June 26, 2015 – In response to the recent tragedy in Nepal, LiveRevo in collaboration with the Bangkok Charity Orchestra raised over THB 300,000 to support Adventchores purchase supplies that will benefit students at a school in Jogimara

LifeRevo (www.liferevo.org) aims to support projects for helping children in Thailand to develop creativity, courage, and self-confidence to make their dreams come true. In this concert, LifeRevo showcased their project in association with “TJ Run for Charity” (www.tjrunforcharity.com) to celebrate their achievement by donating part of the proceeds from the sponsored charity run to purchase playgrounds for children affected by violence in three Southern Thailand border provinces. The Deep South Relief and Reconciliation Foundation determined the beneficiaries. TJ Run for Charity” donated THB 1 million to purchase playgrounds at three schools in the Pattani province. During the planning stages of the concert, the organizers having heard of the 7.3 magnitude earthquake and its effects in Nepal agreed to extend their assistance to the victims.

“The Butterfly’s Spirit” concert was held on June 9 at the Thailand Cultural Center and featured many renowned artists. The Bangkok Charity Orchestra and the newly formed Bangkok Charity Choir performed an exciting and varied programme of classical and pop music under the baton of its founder, Chulayuth Lochotinan. Guests enjoyed uplifting performances by revered artists including Miss Thailand World 2014, Khun Maeya Nonthawan Thongleng, Khun Rose Sirinthip, Khun Poesy Liang (Taiwanese-Malaysian multi-disciplinary artist), and Khun Pure Ekkapan Wannasut (Winner of the KPN Award Singing Contest 2010). The founder of LifeRevo Project Khun Richard Joe or known as Mr. Raseak Rattanthanakul, a multi-talented Thai pianist and humanitarian, joined the concert by composed song called “Earth” dedicated to people who lost their loved ones due to recent earthquake, with the hope for them to recover and carry on for a better future. He explained that The Butterfly’s Spirit is “representative of the courageous transformation that the caterpillar takes to become a butterfly, and it signifies rebirth of a nation in recovering from natural disaster.”

The mission of LifeRevo is to inspire people to live meaningful lives and to bring about change. Ratthantanakul added, “I intend to develop the project into a non-profit organization.”

Distinguished BCO conductor Khun Chulayuth, said he was very thankful for the sponsors and the wonderful audience whose presence made the night such an overwhelming success.

“I want to thank everyone here tonight for generously supporting the victims of the Nepal earthquakes,” said Chulayuth. “All of us on stage are very happy share this evening with you and hope you will find a source of inspiration in our music.”

About Bangkok Charity Orchestra: The Bangkok Charity Orchestra (BCO) is the first orchestra to commit to raising funds for charities in Thailand. It was established with the goal of supporting well-respected charities as well as to promoting classical music. The orchestra consists of talented musicians, both professionals and experienced amateurs, whose mission is to perform to a high standard for a good cause. Since 2010, BCO has raised over THB 14 million. The orchestra director, Chulayuth Lochotinan, is a conductor and management consulting professional who has been involved with several fund raising concerts in the United Kingdom. BCO is one of the Thomson Reuters Community Champion Award 2011 winners.

The Bangkok Charity Orchestra, Bangkok Charity Choir, Vocalize Children Chorus and distinguished musicians joined together on stage at the end of the performance. Corporate sponsors for the concert event included Thai Summit, TUF, Robinson School of Music, Midas PR, Sikarin Hospital, Damanino, Travelindex and ProPlugin.

Later this month, Khun Richard Joe will join a team from Adventchores, composed of family members, friends and supporters that promote outdoor adventures combined with philanthropicactivities. Together they will travel to Jogimara Dadhing, in Nepal to deliver much needed supplies purchased with the event’s proceeds. The founder of Adventchores, Ali Bernie Buga-ay will lead this project. Not only will the team supply learning materials for classrooms, but they will also engage with students and teach them to paint, play music and speak some English as a means of communication with fellow humanitarians coming to Nepal to help. The Bangkok Charity Orchestra is a proud partner of Adventchores. For more information visit : http://www.adventchores.org/2015/05/24/nepal-campaign-for-education/.

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