10 Most Popular U.S. Wedding Destinations

Destination weddings used to be a novelty; something to brag to your friends and family about. No longer. Getting hitched in another state has become a very popular trend in the past ten to twenty years and these days, destination weddings are becoming mainstream. Azazie reports that one out of every four weddings is a destination wedding. And why not? They provide memorable places to have a memorable occasion and some even give you more bang for your buck. So, if you’re planning to get married soon, you’ll definitely want to check out our list of the top ten destinations.

Orlando, Florida
Image via PixabayCoastal Florida is all about beautiful beaches rivaling those in the Caribbean and Mexico. Featuring beautiful lakes and more theme parks than any other city in the world, Orlando offers not only charming natural beauty, but also quaint sites and venues for weddings, including chic hotels and sprawling estates. It’s no wonder then that in 2017 over 16,200 weddings were recorded in and around Orlando, out of the over 160,700 total in the state of Florida.

El Paso, Texas
Image via PixabayFrom beautiful state parks, historic missionary-style mansions, or the exotic Desert Botanical Garden, El Paso offers an inspired list of venues for you to tie the knot. For your outdoor wedding, El Paso provides a great backdrop with gorgeous scenery year-round making it one of the best destinations for an outdoor event. It also has the lowest national average for wedding costs in the U.S.

New York, NY
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While the former is the most budget friendly, New York is the most expensive city in the U.S. to have your wedding. It also has the most bridal and flower shops, as well as the most attractions per capita. It boasts beach weddings in the Hamptons, winery weddings upstate, and even mountain weddings in the Catskills. For city weddings New York offers you the luxury of Manhattan, the culturally inspired spaces of Long Island, and the lovely indoor venues of Queens. With a paltry number in the low 100,000s, New York may not be the destination with the highest number of weddings, but it is certainly the most luxurious in the U.S.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Image via PixabayWhen you think of Las Vegas, you think of bright lights, casinos and Siegfried & Roy. Yet, there is much more to this city. Vegas is America’s number 1 wedding destination according to PartyPoker, with 5 percent of the total marriages in the United States happening there. From luxury to kitsch, Vegas offers a variety of options; from tying the knot in a helicopter, to getting married in a Denny’s by Elvis himself, the possibilities are endless. You can even get married at a KISS concert and stay in the penthouse suite at the most luxurious hotel in town. Vegas is your oyster.

Los Angeles, California
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Thanks to LA’s, almost always, sunny skies and variety of picturesque venues, tying the knot in the City of Angels is possible with almost any budget. With sandy beaches, rolling vineyards and some of the most interesting architectural masterpieces in the U.S., LA has something for everyone. Being voted the most LGBT friendly place in the country has also helped boost its marriage numbers.

Big Island, Hawaii
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The largest island in the chain, Big Island offers diverse topography and boasts 11 of the world’s 13 climatic zones. It even has snow visible on the highest mountains. Being the second leading destination for out-of-town weddings in the U.S., with over 20,000 weddings annually, Hawaii also offers a choice of backdrops from the lunar-like landscape of the Kona coast to the wet and lush northeast coast. Big Island offers plenty of picturesque locations for your venue and array of activities for your guests.

Denver, Colorado
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With richly diverse landscapes that make the perfect wedding backdrops, the ruggedly beautiful rural areas of Denver are one of America’s most gorgeous wedding destinations. A record of over 8,400 marriages were recorded in 2017, according to the Denver Office of The Clerk and Recorder, breaking the previous year’s record of 8,000. In the Colorado Rockies you can be immersed in the majesty of the mountains, yet still have all the luxury services and amenities. From lavish ranches to rustic mountain retreats, Denver offers a little of everything.

Tucson, Arizona
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With its rugged rendition of the Southwest landscapes and deep-orange sunsets, Tucson is the city of turquoise jewelry and legendary cacti. It offers a unique setting for your wedding ceremony and its warm weather year-round is perfect for an outdoor reception. Over 67 percent of couples choose to get married in Tucson and the rural areas offer unique and rustic venues for weddings and receptions.

Nantucket, Massachusetts
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Seen as the quintessential New-England venue, Nantucket is characterized by its windswept moors, rugged beaches and rose-covered trellises. For a nautical themed wedding the Gray Lady is rich in history and is perfect for low-key romantic weddings full of New-England charm. With the sea providing most of its sustenance, the seafood lover in you will enjoy everything from the ocean spray to the lobsters and clambakes.


Charleston, South Carolina
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The colonial feel of the antebellum mansions, cobblestone lined streets and chef hosted cafes add to Charleston’s eclectic mix of old and new. On the outskirts of town, you’ll be treated to white-sand beaches and old plantations bordering sweeping tidal marshes. The unique moss-draped live oaks provide a distinctive backdrop to your wedding vows and the local oysters and shrimp are guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.

Whether you’re looking to say, “I do” against a backdrop of beaches, deserts or mountains, the United States offers abundant destinations catering to a multitude of budgets and tastes. For more information on these and other destinations, Travel Communication showcases Travelindex as the place to view the most desirable destinations in the world.